Friday 25th , 2012
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That’s one of the first questions we ask children at the start of our Amazing Arthropods program.  Most kids dig creepy, crawly, fuzzy, critters as much as most of us dig our morning cup of coffee… or some other grown-up type of preoccupation.  A child’s fascination with all things hair-raising is where Kidspace steps in.  One of the most innovative aspects of the Kidspace Discovery Programs is that we take subjects that kids are already innately fascinated with and create curricula to support those subjects.  Every Discovery Program offered at Kidspace closely follows California State Content Standards so teachers can supplement their lesson plan with a fun field trip to our Museum.


California State Content Standards were created to encourage the highest achievement of every student, by defining the knowledge, concepts, and skills that students should acquire at each grade level.  Kidspace strives to supplement the lesson plan of every California elementary school teacher by offering our Discovery Programs as part of our field trip packages.  Each Discovery Program is expertly written to include Content Standards based on subject and grade level.  A teacher can look at any one of our SEVEN Discovery Programs and rest assured knowing the program they receive will be finely tailored to fit their grade level.


Experiential Learning is a concept that educators at Kidspace strongly support.  Kidpace Discovery Programs strongly follow the experiential learning model by introducing kid-friendly subjects like insects and arachnids and T-Rex excavation and including those content standards each teacher is striving to fulfill.  Hopefully after a child is able to pet a live Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and see a full grown African Emperor Scorpion they may be more apt to remember that insect bodies are separated into 3 parts while arachnids only 2.  Even those kids who are a tad skittish with creepy crawlies will be sure to remember that its arachnids who are the ones with eight legs while insects have “only” six.

Every Discovery Program at Kidspace includes what we call investigation, exploration, and expression portions.  These sections are implemented to support the Experiential Learning concept – giving kids hands-on experiences that they will remember long past the bus ride home.  Discovery Programs at Kidspace are offered year round and are designed to meet California Content Standards and to support LAUSD Science FOSS Kits.

Blog Entry by: Peter Lozano, Senior Museum Lead, has been with Kidspace Children’s Museum since 2007.  As an Educator at Kidspace, Peter has facilitated Discovery Programs for hundreds of visiting students from various learning institutions across Southern California.  Prior to Kidspace Peter worked with LAUSD “Youth Services” and “LA’s Best” programs.