Butterfly Bulletin: eggs getting close to hatching

Hey Kidspace Kids!

Kristen here with a report to update you on our Butterfly friends joining us here at the Kidspace Super Secret Hush-Hush Headquarters (SSHHH). These 3200 two representatives from Spokesbug International came to us as eggs last week and will be present at our annual Butterfly Celebration coming up in May. The two eggs are in our care until they grow into adults, and can fly back home after our celebration to be with their friends and family!

These two butterfly eggs are HUGE! The biggest we have ever seen, at almost the size of a tennis ball - they also were laid on these strange, enormous plants that we have never seen before (which Spokesbug International left a lot of... and I mean A LOT! We can't even move around in here!).

These are definitely a type of butterfly we have never seen before. The butterfly eggs we see here in Southern California (and most other places on earth) are very small - around the size of a head of a pin. They are a variety of colors and shapes (some are yellow and tall, some are round and blue, some have ridges and stripes, and others are round and smooth). Butterfly eggs are usually laid on the stem or leave of a plant, often tucked away where they are not easily seen by other animals who might want to eat them.

3201 Sometimes you can figure out which type of butterfly laid the egg on a plant by looking closely. How an egg looks is a good hint, but an even better one is to figure out what kind of plant the egg was laid on. Butterflies are often particular about which type of plant they lay their eggs on because once they hatch, caterpillars are very picky eaters. Some species of butterflies will only eat one or two kinds of plants as a caterpillar – these are called their 'host plants.'

Luckily, we don't have to worry about our friends choice of host plant, because Spokesbug International left us with SO MANY.

We will continue to keep a close eye on our special guests and keep you posted with news as it develops. We think they might be getting ready to hatch very soon since the eggs have become more transparent and we are starting to see a caterpillar body taking shape!

In the meantime, be sure to join us for these upcoming Butterfly Celebration Happenings :

- Caterpillar Adoption has opened in our Busy Bee Store!

- Look for butterfly costumes, books, and more in our Roberts Pavilion!

Kristen SSHHH Special Reports