Honorary Committee

774 The Campaign for the Future of Kidspace is about more than just raising money. It is about creating a community of friends who know what it means to be a Kidspace kid, who know how valuable the Kidspace experience can be in the life of a child and their family, and who know how important it is that Kidspace continues to challenge itself and reach its potential as a trendsetter in informal, hands-on learning. We are so grateful that the following community leaders have endorsed our efforts and agreed to offer us their wise counsel as members of our Honorary Campaign Committee:

Laura and Jim LaBarge, Co-Chairs

Cathy and Scott Alexander

Barbara and Dick Baptie

Clare and Bill Bogaard

MaryLou Boone

Paulette and Terry S. Chapman

James G. Ellis

Patricia and Tom Ellison

Jane and Jim Fox

Jodi Fung and Meng King

Susi and Dennis Gertmenian

Corinne and Jerry Hawk

Marvel Kirby

Shelley Allen and Robert Kohorst

Ana and Hank Maarse

Margot and Mitch Milias

Winnie and Lynn Reitnouer

Marilyn and Jud Roberts

Kathy and Walt Rose

Linda and John Seiter

Philip V. Swan

Laney and Tom Techentin

Carrie and Scott Walker

Beverly and Phelps Wood