Offsite Programming


Kidspace Children's Museum can now come to your group site! 


  • Each program is up to 90 minutes long
  • The fee is $250 for up to 90 minutes of programming.  Each additional half hour is $80.
  • Reservations must be made at least 3 weeks prior
  • Full payment is due 14 days before
  • Each program is designed for a maximum of 30 students.*
  • All programs are available year round seven days a week.
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Animals--Warm & Coldblooded
1st to 6th Grade
Available Year Round
Learn the difference between mammals and reptiles by spending time with members of the Kidspace live animal collection, and exploring adaptations that help them live and thrive in their environments.  This program includes a limited number of live animals.  If you would like to have a general visit from more of our live animals, please mention this in the comments section of the reservation form and the Animal Specialist will be in touch with you.

Physics is Fun
Kinder to 12th Grade
Available Year Round
Through a series of experiments and hands-on activities, this program brings the innovation and experience of the Galvin Physics Forest to your classroom.  Students will test, play and be amazed by these experiments while discovering that physics is fun.

Star Lab--Milky Way Express
Kinder to 8th Grade
Available Year Round
The Milky Way Express is a Star Lab Dome experience that brings the mystery and wonder of our cosmos to your students.  Our Educators will take your students on a journey through our Milky Way as they explore our solar system and the many constellations as identified by Greek astronomers many, many moons ago.  In addition, you can customize your experience by having the Educator discuss another perspective of the stars based on the African, Chinese or Native American storytelling tradition. The program is designed for a third grade class as it follows the California Science Content Standards, but it is available for any K through 6th grade group. This program requires a very large room where the lights can easily be turned on and off to be completely darkened.  Please click here for the room requirements.

Customized Program
Pre-Kinder to High School
Available Year Round
Kidspace is able to customize any of our Offsite Programs or Discovery Programs to fit your group's needs.  We can help you with your Open House, Back to School Night, Fundraiser, Fair, or any other event.


*Additional students require an additional fee.

There is an additional $25 mileage surcharge for any visits outside a 20 mile radius from Kidspace.

Booking a Visit to your School

  • Request must be made at least three weeks in advance and full payment must be made at least 14 days prior to the visit
  • The cost of the program is just $250 for up to 30 students.
    • $225 per classroom if booking 2 or 3 classrooms on same day. 
    • $200 per classroom if booking 4 or 5 classrooms on same day.
    • There is a $25 surcharge for schools located more than 25 miles from Kidspace.
  • To book your visit or for additional information please call Marco Calderón at (626) 449-9144 extension 5218 or email at