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Birthday Party FAQs

What is included in the package?

  1. Party space for 2 hours.  
  2. 1 of 4 party themes.
  3. All paper goods, including table covers, utensils, plates (lunch and cake), cups, and napkins.  
  4. Goodie bags with 6 items inside (wooden top, book mark, Kidspace sticker, mini clay, scented pencil, and notebook). Items are subject to change. Bags also include a colorful piece of tissue and a balloon.  
  5. 2 Birthday Educators to facilitate activities and a party game throughout your party.  
  6. Entrance into Kidspace the day of your party for all of your guests. 

What are the Kidspace Themes?  

  1. Little Artist: Inspire the Little Artist in your home with a Kidspace Art Party! Play with musical instruments, or make colorful scratch paper drawings. Make a watercolor butterfly or join a color scavenger hunt. Lean about the art of mask making from all over the world, and make your own take home. All Kidspace parties also include kid-friendly music, and a party game.  
  2. Slimy Science: Get ready for some ooey gooey fun at our Slimy Science Party! Decorate your own robot, or have your party decorate a large dinosaur card for the birthday child. Make a nebula jar, or a lemon suds eruption. Learn about the non-Newtonian fluid, and make your own slime to take home. All Kidspace parties also include kid-friendly music, and a party game.  
  3. Buggin’ Out: Our Buggin’ Out party is sure to engage the bug lover in your family. Make a bug fossil in clay, or create your own bug puzzle. Make a habitat collection box, or handprint paper bug. Enjoy a special visit from one of the Kidspace Arthropods, and lean about what they eat, how they stay safe, and the contributions they make to our ecosystems. All Kidspace parties also include kid-friendly music, and a party game.     
  4. Nifty Nature: We are celebrating nature in our Nifty Nature Party! Use watercolor to make nature themed art, or use animal stamps. Create your own nature crown, or seashell magnet. Learn about native pollinators and plats, and make your own seed cake to plant at home! All Kidspace parties also include kid-friendly music, and a party game.  

Are themes included in the party cost?

Yes! There is no additional charge for the themes.  

Does Kidspace offer a catering option for my party?  

Yes! Kidspace is happy to have Bean Sprouts as our café operator, and preferred caterer.  

Can I bring in or order my own food?

Yes, you are more than welcome to order your own food, or have it delivered to Kidspace for your party. Kidspace does not offer ice, a freezer, or refrigeration. Glass containers, alcohol, and open flame warmers are not allowed. Food cannot be made onsite. Onsite catering is not permitted at Kidspace parties, please consider a facility rental if you would like an onsite caterer.

Does Kidspace provide ice?  

Ice is provided for parties that order catering from our Kidspace preferred caterer. If you are not ordering catering from Bean Sprouts, you will need to bring in your own ice. We can provide a tub for drinks upon request.

How early can I come to Kidspace to set up for my party?

You are welcome to come half an hour before your party start time to set up. Kidspace will set up tables, paper goods, and table covers. Party hosts are responsible for set up and take down of their own decorations, and food. You will have half an hour after your party for cleanup.  

What age do kids have to be for me to include them in the guest count?  

Any child 12-months and older will be counted as a guest at a party. Infants under 12-months will not be counted, and will not receive a goodie-bag. If you would like them to receive a bag, you will want to include them in the count.  

Can we bring a piñata?  

No. Due to safety concerns, piñatas are not permitted at parties. 


Can we bring pretend play toys to the party?

Items such as Nerf guns, water balloons, play swords or other weapons, water guns, etc. are not permitted. Please speak to the Operations & Events Manager, or Birthday Supervisor if you have any questions about something you'd like to bring in.


Can we bring balloons?  

Yes, however helium balloons will not be allowed in the Nature Exchange for Exhibit Pavilion parties. Other areas may have balloons, but they must be weighted. Balloon arches, or large towers are not permitted.

Can we have alcohol at our party?  

No, alcohol is not permitted at Kidspace Birthday parties. If you would like to have alcohol service at your party, please ask us about our facility rentals.  

Can we bring in our own decorations?  

Yes, you are welcome to bring in decorations, however, there are limitations. We ask that nothing is taped to the walls, and that walkways are not obstructed. There is a 30 minute set up time before each party. We recommend table toppers, balloons, and themed paper goods for added décor. Outside furniture, large props, large balloon arches, and other types of décor may not be permitted. 
Please speak to the Operations & Events Manager, or Birthday Supervisor if you have any décor questions. 

Does Kidspace help with set-up and clean up?

Party Educators will set-up the paper goods, table covers, goodie bags, and activity supplies. However, they will not be able to assist in setting up additional décor brought in by a host, or assist in packing left over food that was brought in by the host or outside caterer. Kidspace will clean all items that were set up by us, but will not be able to assist in breakdown of additional décor or props brought in by the host for a party.  

Can I use my own party planner, photographer or entertainer?  

Yes, however outside vendors must first be approved my Kidspace. We require paperwork, including insurance forms from all vendors. Even if these forms are provided, they may not be approved. Please speak to the Operations & Events Manager if you would like to hire any outside vendors.  

Some of my guests are Members at Kidspace. Are they still included in the guest count?  

Yes. Kidspace Birthday Parties are a different experience from the everyday programs available during a regular visit. Although they are Members, they will still be included in the total guest count.  

Do Kidspace Members receive a discount on their party package?  

12-Month Members at Kidspace will receive a 10% discount on the party package base price, as well as additional guests. They will not receive a discount on additional entertainment, extended rental times and space, or catering.