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23rd Annual Butterfly Season

Butterfly Celebration Event | March 16 & 17

Join Kidspace to launch the 2019 Butterfly Season! DJ Bree Flower will take guests on a musical journey through the life cycle of the butterfly during 'opening ceremonies' starting at 1:00pm each day. Also construct a butterfly kite to wave at the opening ceremonies, mold a butterfly puddler out of clay, paint nature scenes en plein air, and learn about butterfly and pollinator friendly plants. 



Butterfly Season & Caterpillar Adoption Days | March 16 through April 30

Experience the magic of metamorphosis by purchasing a single caterpillar container for $5.49 or a container of five caterpillars for $19.99. Each includes the caterpillar food, adoption certificate, and care guide instructions on how to feed, protect, and release your adult butterfly into nature. Return to Kidspace with your adult butterfly to release and receive $3 off admission for up to 4 guests.  Join other families at the Butterfly Exploration each day at 11:45am where guests are invited to release their butterflies together.


Don't miss the Butterfly Emergence Case in Nature Exchange! This enclosure is designed to provide our butterflies with what they need to survive and thrive while they are in pupal (chrysalis) stage. Here they are protected from things such as predators, severe weather, and temperature extremes, until they are ready to emerge as an adult butterfly. Look closely and watch these caterpillars grow into adult butterflies! Instruction on how to make your own Emergence Case can be found in your Caterpillar Care Guide.


Life Cycle of a Painted Lady Butterfly: Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult

We receive newly hatched caterpillars each week, sales are first-come, first-served while supplies last each week. You can check supply before coming to the museum on the website notification, or call the Busy Bee Learning Store 626-449-9144, x. 5223.


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