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Interpretive Arroyo

The Interpretive Arroyo

Kidspace’s Interpretive Arroyo is a mini-model of Pasadena’s own Arroyo Seco, which is a canyon area that is sometimes dry and sometimes wet, depending on the seasons. The Arroyo features gentle, rolling water and native plants to explore and discover. Be aware that children may get wet or find insects and animals that live in this natural environment. As periodic "rain" falls off the covered bridge, the Interpretive Arroyo provides a perfect setting for children to learn about the water cycle and wildlife habitats.


The Wildlife Pond

Located behind the covered bridge, a small woodland pond forms a ribbon of water that winds through the gardens, bringing back the refreshing sight, sound and feel of water. Bog sage, cape rush, brown sedge and cattails are planted around the pond. The Wildlife Pond is maintained by So-Cal Ponds.