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Nature Exchange

Exploring Nature

Nature Exchange builds meaningful connections between people and nature through shared discoveries that ignite curiosity about our natural world. By using real tools and resources, we invite you to engage, explore, and investigate to learn more about nature, and personally find how you connect to nature and the outdoors!


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Meet our Animal Ambassadors!

Nature Exchange is also home to our Animal Ambassadors! Our living collection helps us to learn about the wildlife that lives right here in Southern California. Our Animal Ambassadors capture our attention with the way they move, eat, hide, and sometimes even observe us back! They are excellent at starting conversations, sparking curiosity, help us to talk about the importance of animals in our ecosystems, and bring many other concepts explored in Nature Exchange to life.




Did you know arthropods are one of the biggest groups of animals on the planet? In Nature Exchange, you might meet some local representatives including Millipedes, Tarantulas, and Beetles. We even have an active observation Bee Hive that is buzzing with activity!








Reptiles are one of the most locally well-known types of animal – our ambassadors include a California Kingsnake, Rosy Boa, Alligator Lizard, Legless Lizard and more! 







We have two ambassadors that represent this unique group of animals, our Dumpy Frog, and California Tree Frogs!









Be sure to stop by and say hello to our Animal Ambassadors in Nature Exchange on your next visit to Kidspace!

Please note that animals out for viewing may vary based on care and program needs.