Water Play | Kidspace Museum



Water Play

Kidspace's water features invite and encourage kids to splish-splash to their heart's content. We suggest that parents bring towels and an extra change of clothes for the children, or for themselves!

NOTE: Children will get wet at water features. Remember to bring a towel, water shoes, and/or a change of clothes.


Splash Dance Fountains

Located in Central Courtyard, kids can chase and dance with the rhythmic spurts of water, and then learn about the water cycle when the fountains release fog.

Interpretive Arroyo

Kidspace’s Interpretive Arroyo is a mini-model of Pasadena’s own Arroyo Seco, with gentle, rolling water, real arroyo stones found around the Kidspace grounds, and native plants. With periodic "rain" off the covered bridge, the Interpretive Arroyo provides a perfect setting for children to learn about the water cycle as they splash around.

Kids' Water Basin

Here, you will encounter a rain shower, just like the Arroyo Seco habitat! As rain falls periodically, the basin fills with a few inches of water causing a surge towards the water play areas below. Learn about conservation and watch the story of this vital natural resource and its habitats as it flows down through the Outdoor Learning Environments. The Kids' Basin sits just below the covered bridge in Arroyo Adventure.


There is also water play at Kirby's Kids Corner and Flood & Erosion Plain.