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The Robert & Mary Galvin Physics Forest

Physics Forest features 12 hands-on, interactive physics-related exhibits situated on a beautifully landscaped acre of land featuring native trees, shrubs, and grasses. Exhibits in Physics Forest illustrate fundamental physics concepts through engaging interactions appealing to all ages of visitors.



Bottle Rocket: Blast a plastic bottle into the air using water and air pressure.

Ball Bounce: Use momentum gained from gravitational acceleration to create an amazing transfer of energy.

Cool Fan: Transform your own physical energy into wind power by pushing a large capstan round and round. The capstan powers an overhead drive belt that connects the capstan to a large fan.

Roller Coaster: Construct a raceway and experiment with gravity, centripetal force and momentum.


Wheel Roll: Move weights on the wheel to convert potential energy into kinetic energy and race your wheel down the slope.


Giant Lever: A physics-based version of the classic "Tug-of-War" that demonstrates mechanical advantage in a fun, surprising way.


Also included in Galvin Physics Forest: Pulleys, Magic Mirrors, Ball Range, Tennis Ball Launcher, and I-Play Zone.


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