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The Robert & Mary Galvin Physics Forest

The Robert & Mary Galvin Physics Forest offers 12 exciting, hands-on exhibits created to inspire children to be the innovators and creators of tomorrow. From the bottle rocket, tennis ball launcher, and pulleys, there are activities to touch, teach and nurture children's love of science.



Bottle Rocket: Blast a plastic bottle into the air using water and air pressure.

Ball Bounce: Use momentum gained from gravitational acceleration to create an amazing transfer of energy.


Cool Fan: Transform your own physical energy into wind power by pushing a large capstan round and round. The capstan powers an overhead drive belt that connects the capstan to a large fan.

Roller Coaster: Construct a raceway and experiment with gravity, centripetal force and momentum.


Wheel Roll: Move weights on the wheel to convert potential energy into kinetic energy and race your wheel down the slope.

Giant Lever: A physics-based version of the classic "Tug-of-War" that demonstrates mechanical advantage in a fun, surprising way.



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