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Climbing Towers


S. Mark Taper Foundation Raindrop Climber & Wisteria Climber

Children can challenge their curiosity and test their courage by climbing higher and higher up our two towering climbing structures that soar more than forty feet above Kidspace. Play in the towers encourages gross and fine motor skill development as well as cooperation and socialization as children learn to take turns making their way up the winding passageways leading to the top of the towers.

Located in the Roberts Pavilion, the Raindrop Climber is designed in beautiful hues of blue to mimic giant raindrops. Children and adults can climb to the top for a gorgeous view of the Kidspace campus.

The neighboring Wisteria climber creates a make-believe extension of the Kidspace Wisteria vines, which enclose the museum’s 250 foot semicircular pergola. Children scurry across platforms made to resemble giant leaves simulating the real wisteria vine just outside the doors.

Both structures are built so children, as well as their parents, can enjoy climbing to the top and taking in the scenic views. The climbing towers are completely enclosed to provide a safe environment for children to explore the heights from which raindrops fall or a vine will reach for the last drop of sunlight.