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Animal Chalk Hop Scotch


A few months ago my four year old asked me if we could play “hawk-scratch”. It took me a bit to figure out that he was asking me to make him a HOP-SCOTCH course. But “hawk-scratch” inspired an idea.


Hop-scotch but with animal movements!! I really love the collaborative process as we figure out what animals to add to our course and discuss how they move.

We are grateful that we have a cement courtyard at our apartment complex to do this in, but all you really need is a safe sidewalk, drive-way, or walkway and a few pieces of chalk.


Sometimes we switch it up and do the classic numbers or even the alphabet, mixed in with the animals too. Keep the learning and moving going!


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Rachel Masters has been with Kidspace Children's Museum since 2016 and serves as the Nature Programs Specialist. She graduated with a Fashion Design Degree with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Rachel channels her passion for environmentalism into teaching the next generation about the importance of nature in Kidspace's Nature Exchange exhibit.