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Title: Mess Free Finger Painting
By: Hgrimaldi
August 27, 2020
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Here’s an activity for kids who love to finger paint and parents who don’t love cleaning up after the finger painting! The key to containing the mess can be found in almost every kitchen: plastic food wrap.



This is a fun activity for every age group from toddlers to adults: 

  • Small motor development for toddlers

  • Color recognition

  • How primary colors combine to make secondary colors

  • Precise color planning and fine motor manipulation 

If you find that the younger artist using the paints is a little more exuberant than the plastic food wrap can stand up to, it’s easy to add extra layers without taking away from the experience.


Enjoy some active self-expression through freestyle (mostly) mess free finger painting or use the experience for a hands-on learning opportunity about primary and secondary colors with this printable activity sheet.


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Heather Grimaldi, Programs Manager, has worked at Kidspace since 2015. Prior to that she was a Preschool teacher working with students with special needs for almost ten years and has over twenty years of experience in the field. When not at Kidspace, Heather likes to go hiking and swimming with her kids and husband, try out new recipes and read.