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Nature Crowns


Here’s what you’ll need:


• Paper for the crown: We used border paper, but you can use construction paper, or even printer paper. Whatever you have handy at home.

• Something sticky: We used glue dots, but regular glue, staples, and tape will work as well.

• Found items in nature: When you’re on a walk, or in your backyard, have your child look for fallen items to add to the crown. If it’s your own garden, picked items work as well.


Putting it Together:


1. Measure your child’s head by using the paper for the crown. Cut if needed, and put ends together. If you’re using regular glue, you’ll want to
do this step the night before. If using a stapler, make sure the flat part is lying inside of the crown so your little one does not get scratched by the pointier parts while wearing.

2. Collect your nature items! Use glue dots, tape, staples or glue to attach the nature items around the crown.




- What kind of person can they can pretend to be? Are they a character from a story? A real member of royalty? Perhaps a warrior of some kind?

- Where are you looking for items? An enchanted forest? Exploring a new land? The possibilities are endless!

- What to the nature items feel like? Are they fresh or dry? What do they smell like?


We hope you enjoy this project. Nature crowns are something everyone in the family can do together. Remember to share your crowns with us by tagging Kidspace on social media!



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