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Meet Milky Way!



Meet our Pueblan Milksnake: Milky Way


Where do Pueblan Milksnakes live?


You can find Pueblan Milksnakes in the Southern Puebla, Eastern Morelos and Northern Oaxaca in Mexico. Their habitat varies and includes streams and marshes, prairies, and rocky hillsides.


What do they look like?


The Pueblan Milksnake is a tricolor banded snake. The band pattern is red-black-white-black. The head is black, and the first white band starts on the back of the head.


Why do you think it has a 3-colored banded pattern? How does this pattern help it?


How big do they get?


Adults can average 2-4 feet in length.


How tall are you?


When do they sleep?


They normally sleep during the day. Pueblan Milksnakes are nocturnal which means they are usually more active at night.


Can you think of other animals that are nocturnal?


What do they eat?


In the wild, they eat birds, rodents, frogs, and even venomous snakes!


What are they eating if they live near a stream? How about a hillside? Do you think what they eat changes depending on where they live?


How long do they live?


An average of 10-15 years in the wild, and average 20 years in captivity.


Thank you for learning a little more about Milky Way!



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