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Code of Conduct & Policies

Kidspace Children's Museum focuses on informal learning for children, their families, and caregivers. Our mission is to nurture the potential of all children through kid-driven experiences, inspiring them to become joyful, active learners. To provide an environment for discovery, we strive to maintain a safe and welcoming space for staff and guests through our committment to equity and inclusion.


To ensure that everyone is able to have a positive experience, we expect our staff, volunteers, vendors, and guests to act with responsibility and integrity during their time here at the museum. This includes:

  • Be kind - Share the space by being respectful and courteous to others around you. Please do not touch or verbally reprimand a child from another family.

  • Watch your children - Provide adult supervision to your children at all times during your visit.

  • Treat things well - Use equipment and exhibits safely and appropriately so that all Kidspace guests can enjoy.

  • Assume good intentions - Model positive behaviors and understand that sometimes another child's play may unintentionally interfere with your child's play.

  • We are here to help! - Contact Kidspace staff immediately for any questions, needs, or concerns.

The museum reserves the right to refuse admission, revoke membership, control occupancy, or eject any person whose behavior is deemed by management to be disorderly or fails to comply with the Guest Code of Conduct and Kidspace Policies.

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Kidspace Policies

  • Museum admission is non-refundable. All guests must have a hand stamp and/or admission receipt as their ticket to enter any exhibit area beyond the Busy Bee Store and Bean Sprouts Café.

  • Kidspace is designed for children ages 10 and under with their caregivers. Unaccompanied adults must sign-in with a photo ID upon arrival and wear a visitor badge.

  • All guests utilizing credit cards, EBT cards, membership cards, or vouchers with a designated name must present a matching photo ID for processing and redemption.

  • Children must be supervised at all times, including within all exhibit areas, the store, and dining areas. Report lost children or adults as soon as possible to Kidspace staff to quickly reunite the family.

  • Exhibit hours and program times are subject to change without notice or prior notification. Outdoor environments may close due to air quality, heat, rain, thunder, or lightning for the safety of all guests and Kidspace staff.

  • Kidspace is a tobacco and alcohol-free environment. Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or any tobacco related product, as well as beer or liquor is strictly prohibited on Museum property or within the Brookside Park grounds, per city park regulations and for the health and safety of all guests and the museum's live animal collection.

  • All guests, even wet ones, are required to wear shoes and clothing at Kidspace. Adults must wear socks in Early Childhood Learning Center. Clothes and diaper changes, as well as disposal of potty training containers, should be completed in restrooms.

  • Scooters, skateboards, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels, as well as other recreational devices such as drones and remote control toys are prohibited.

  • Glass containers, with the exception of small baby food containers, are not allowed.

  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted inside Kidspace, with the exception of service animals specially trained to assist disabled persons.

  • Kidspace is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property within the grounds, park, or parking lot.

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