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Imagination Workshop


Imagination Workshop is a space to build, create, repurpose, and tinker with a variety of materials to practice authentic, real world skills! In this space we propose hands-on challenges for kids and families to problem solve using their imagination and ingenuity. 
If you can imagine it, you can build it!


Imagination Workshop FUNdamentals

Everyone is a maker! As makers we will:

  • Respect this space and fellow makers
  • Be safe and follow directions
  • Ask questions when we need support
  • Embrace limitations to inspire our creativity
  • Learn from every failure and success
  • Share ideas and work together
  • Celebrate the work of everyone

For safety, we recommend makers be ages 4 and up.



Imagination Workshop is a busy place and we want to keep the shelves stocked with all kinds of materials to work with! If you are interested in donating supplies, contact us at